Our History

Our Neighborhood 

Pnoe is located in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Gialos, the heart of Mykonos. Gialos has preserved its authentic charm and heritage for everyone to experience. Gialos is our beloved neighborhood and it welcomes you through the old harbor in Mykonos town blissfully drawing you through its winding narrow streets filled with vibrant night life and beauty to be discovered at every corner.

Pnoe is located on a quiet side street that flows into the lively street of Matoyianni, the main artery of Mykonos Town.  From Pnoe’s doorsteps, the sinuous walkways and side streets will lead you through quiet neighborhoods and tiny churches to dazzling walkways and crowded town squares seducing you with their Cycladic beauty.

Gialos is an enchanting neighborhood with its gleaming light and spiritual magic that instills within us a feeling of love at first sight when you arrive and the sorrow of break up when it’s time to depart.  This 60’s era vibe has transcended time to revive within us emotions of a forgotten period of love, peace, simplicity, and authenticity.

Pnoe Story

Pnoe is a place of memories, bursting with energy from feelings of love, friendship and unforgettable moments. It is a place that has given birth to timeless relationships and love as if they were reincarnated.  In hindsight, it makes sense why so many of their dearest memories started here.  Pnoe is where they first met, fell in love and opened their hearts and souls to each other.  Pnoe embraced them as children and nurtured them providing the insight to discover that true love and friendships are priceless and indestructible.   In turn, these friendships have given Pnoe a new breath of life with a sense of being home away from home.  Through their love, it became Pnoe, “breath” in Greek, to create new love, friendships, and memories that will be remembered forever and that will want to be experienced through infinity.

Pnoe is our breath of life; it is the wind of Gialos. It is everything that we have experienced and everything that we want you to experience. Pnoe has been reborn to give life and to make your wildest dreams come true.

Pnoe Mykonos
Yialos, Mykonos

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